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How do I arrange a visit?

Simply contact us via telephone/facebook to arrange a suitable time to view.

How do I secure a place at Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd?

When attending to view our setting you will be given a Parent Pack. Please complete the same and return along with the registration fee of £35 and refundable deposit of £150. Once we have received the same this will secure your place. A place cannot be secured without the completed Parent Pack, Registration Fee and deposit. Our availability can change on a daily basis so please be sure to return the forms as soon as possible to secure the place.

We can hold a place for up to 4 weeks with no deposit. Deposits are required to secure places for any longer period of time – please speak to the Nursery Managers.

What are your opening times? 

7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday

How do I increase or decrease days?

If you would like to increase days then please speak with the Nursery Managers who will be able to tell you if we have the availability.

If you would like to decrease days then we would require one months’ written notice to the Nursery Managers.

What if I need a one off extra day?

We are more than happy for parents to book extra days as and when needed if we have the availability. We will do our best to fit your child in. Extra days can be booked through the Nursery Managers.

What do I need to bring to nursery each day?

  • Nappies/wipes/cream
  • Spare set of clothes (more sets if potty training)
  • Wellies (if applicable)
  • Warm Coat/winter hat (in colder months)
  • Sun hat/suncream (during warmer months)
  • Baby bottle and Formula/breastfed milk.

What happens if I’m late collecting my child or have been unable to get to the nursery before the nursery closes?

We understand that parents can be late at times due to traffic and other unforeseen events. We ask that should parents be late in picking their child up, they telephone the nursery to inform us immediately. We do charge late fees for late pick-ups, but these only come into effect should lateness be a frequent event.

In the event that you do not collect your child at the agreed time, and no contact has been made with the nursery to inform them of the alternative arrangements for collection, every attempt will be made to contact you. If we are unsuccessful we will contact your nominated emergency contact and request that they collect your child. The nursery will remain open to allow time for the contacted person to arrive.

If we are unable to get hold of you or your nominated emergency contact after several attempts and exhausting all other options, we will have to inform Bolton Local Authority and the Police.

What if my child is sick?

We would ask you to inform us as to the reason your child is unwell in case we need to inform other parents if the same is contagious. If your child has been sick or has diarrhea they will need to be kept off nursery for at least 48 hours after the last bout.

What if my child requires medication?

If your child requires medication we are happy to administer any prescription medication at nursery on the condition that your child appears well enough to attend. All medicines brought into the nursery will need to be recorded on our mediation records and we will require a signature to authorise its administration. Any medication brought into the nursery must be in its original container and labelled with your childs full name, the dosage required and what date it was prescribed.

We are able to administer long term medication such as inhalers.

We can administer calpol if a child’s temperature suddenly rises and need prior signed authorisation from parents regarding the same.

What if my child has an accident whilst at nursery?

All children have accidents as this is part of life and growing up. However, we do work hard to ensure your children are safe and if your child has a bump during their nursery day, you will be asked to sign an accident form when collecting your child to say that you have been told about the accident. For more serious accidents we will, of course contact you at the time.

What if my child has a bump before coming into nursery?

Please inform your child’s Key Person if your child has had an accident before coming to nursery. We will ask you to complete our Home Accident Form.

How do I pay my nursery fees?

You will receive an invoice 14 days prior to the 1st of each month. Fees must be paid by the 1st of each month or a late payment fees will be charged. Fees are to be paid direct into our bank account, details of which are on your child’s invoice.

Childcare Vouchers/Tax Free childcare must not be released any later than the 26th of the month to ensure that the same reaches us for the 1st. Vouchers can take 4-5 days to clear.

How do I know who will be looking after my child?

Every child will have a Key Person. The Key Person’s role is to really get to know both your child and your family. They will be the ‘first point of contact’ for you if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.

How can I get more involved with the nursery?

We encourage parents to be as involved as possible. We hold parents’ evenings and events throughout the year and as parents, you are always welcome to spend time in nursery. We often ask parents to help with certain topics we are doing such as people who help us etc and love to have visitors in nursery.

What do I do if I have a concern/complaint to make?

If you ever have a concern or a complaint, we would ask for you to speak to one of our Nursery Managers (Jennifer Francis or Clare Kennedy) directly. Both Nursery Managers are available throughout the day.


2 Year Old 15 Hours Funding

Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd offer the 15 hours Government Funding for 2 year olds. We offer this over two days (9am – 4.30pm or 8.30am – 4pm) term time only (38 weeks of the year). Parents can however, spread the hours over the year, should they so wish. However, parents may spread the hours over the year but must comply with our nursery policy of attending 2 days per week as a minimum. The funding for 2 year old children is eligibility checked. As an accredited provider, we are able to undertake eligibility checks within the nursery.

Your child may be eligible if : –

  • You are in receipt of certain benefits
  • You have an income below £16,190 per year
  • They have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHC) or Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • They are looked after by the Local Authority
  • They attract Disability Living Allowance

If you wish for an eligibility check to be undertaken at our nursery, please contact Jennifer Francis (Nursery Manager) and she will be able to inform you of the necessary documentation required in order to undertake the check.

3 Year Old 15 Hours Funding

All 3 year olds are eligible for 15 Government Funded Hours per week from the term after they turn 3. These hours are offered over two days (9am – 4.30pm or 8.30am – 4pm) term time only. However, parents may spread the hours over the year but must comply with our nursery policy of attending 2 days per week as a minimum. Please contact us to reserve your place.

3 Year Old 30 Hours Funding

Your child may be eligible for an additional 15 hours on top of the universal 15 hours (30 hours in total) from the term after they turn 3. Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd DOES offer the 30 hours government funding per week over 3 full days (8am to 6pm) However, this can be topped up privately if your child is attending more than 3 days a week. Term time only places are limited.

Parents can check whether they are eligible for a range of government childcare offers, including 30 hours, via Childcare Choices at: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or the childcare calculator at: www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator.

Those who could be eligible for 30 hours and/or Tax Free Childcare will be directed to the digital childcare service to apply.

Parents who meet the following criteria could be eligible:-

  • All parents living in the household work a minimum of 16 hours a week at national living wage, and earn no more than £100,000 each per year.


  • One or both parents are currently on maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption leave.
  • One or both parents are currently on statutory sick leave
  • One parent meets the income criteria and the other is unable to work because they are disabled, have caring responsibilities or have been assessed as having limited capability to work.

Parents can apply for both 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare at the same time by entering their details once. HMRC will check parents’ eligibility for both schemes at the same time. Parents do not have to apply for the Tax-Free Childcare if they do not wish to but parents should still apply via the digital childcare service for the 30 hours only.

IMPORTANT- If you are receiving financial support through tax credits and only want to take up the 30 hours, you can choose not to apply for Tax-Free Childcare (and keep your tax credits)

Parents do not need to apply via the digital service if they only wish to receive the universal 15 hours.

How will parents apply for 30 hours?

  • As part of the application process, you will be asked to enter personal details including your name, address and National Insurance number and the same details for your partner (if you have one).
  • You will be asked whether you expect to meet the income requirements over the coming three months and whether you are in receipt of any relevant benefits.
  • This information will help HMRC decide whether you (and your child) are eligible for the 30 hours.
  • At the start of the application process, parents will create a Government Gateway account (if you don’t already have one) If you encounter any difficulties you should direct your queries to the childcare service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097
  • At the end of the application process, you will have a childcare service account. In the “secure messages” section of your account, you will receive messages regarding your eligibility.
  • If you are eligible for 30 hours, you will be given an 11 digit “eligibility code” for your child.
  • You need to take this code, along with your National Insurance number and child’s date of birth, to the Nursery Managers to claim your child’s 30 hours. The codes normally start with “5000”. You will also need to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate to verify their date of birth.
  • Parents will need to sign a written consent for us as a provider to verify the code.

Parents can find their eligibility code in the “30 hours free childcare” section of their childcare service account

IMPORTANT – You will be prompted by HMRC every 3 months to reconfirm the details you have entered on your application. This is to check that you are still eligible. You will be prompted, via text message and/or email, four weeks before your reconfirmation deadline and again two weeks before the deadline, if you still haven’t reconfirmed. If your circumstances have changed, you will log in your childcare service account, amend your details and resubmit. If your circumstances have not changed, you only need to reconfirm your details. YOU MUST RECONFIRM EVERY 3 MONTHS.

IMPORTANT – Parents must apply for the code the term BEFORE their child is eligible to receive the 30 hours. For example, if your child turned 3 in June 2018, you will need to apply for the code before the 31st August 2018 in order to take up the offer to start in the September term. If parents miss the deadline of the term, funding can only be accessed the following term after i.e. January 2019.

Please speak to Jennifer Francis (Nursery Manager) should you have any queries at all regarding the 30 hours government funding.