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We understand that leaving your child at nursery can be a very difficult process (as we have experienced with being mothers ourselves) but by working in partnership with parents we can make it easier. We encourage parents and children to visit the nursery before starting with us, enabling children to gain awareness of the setting, routines within nursery and familiarise themselves with other children and our staff. We like parents to be actively involved within all areas of nursery life and promote this. Mucky Munchkins Childcare recognises that working in partnership with parents is of major value and importance when providing a happy, caring, and stable environment for children. We aim to form a good relationship with parents and carers so that information regarding their children (be it developmental, social, or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by nursery staff and parents.

In order to fulfil our aim in working in partnership with parents: –

  • We are committed to an ongoing dialogue with parents to improve our knowledge of the needs of their children and to support their families;
  • We provide access to written information and through regular informal communication. We check to ensure parents understand the information which is given to them;
  • We inform all parents on a regular basis about their child’s progress;
  • We hold Parents Evening every term where parents can come into nursery to discuss their child’s progress one on one with their child’s Key Worker.
  • We involve parents in their child’s Learning Journal and invite them to view the same at any time. We love to add information from home like photographs, things they make a home, activities they love doing and regularly send home “home observation” sheets etc.
  • We welcome the contributions of parents; in whatever form these may take.
  • We provide opportunities for parents to learn about the nursery curriculum and about young children’s learning, both in the nursery and at home.

We also have the following systems in place: –

1. Daily Information Sheet/Daily Information Book. These detail nappy changes, sleeps, food eaten, activities undertaken that day etc.

2. We also provide parents with “What I did at the weekend” form which asks parents to tell us what they have been up to with their child at the weekend, what they have enjoyed the most and any WOW moments which they may have done. This is kept in your’s child’s learning journal and are used during circle time with the older children. These are sent out once a month.

3. We provide parents with a “Learning Journal Feedback Form” to complete to ask their feedback on how they feel their child is developing, what they feel are their next steps etc. This is provided when the parents see their child’s Learning Journal. A parent may request to see their child’s Learning Journal at any time.

4. We provide parents with “Next Steps-Parent Input”. This is to obtain the views of the parents on what they feel their child’s next steps are at home and with us in the nursery. This is sent out every 8 weeks.

5. We also provide parents with a “Feedback Questionnaire” to obtain their views on how they feel their child is developing, are they happy with the service provided, would they change anything and any suggestions. These are sent out every 6 months.

6. Parents are also sent a “Learning Journal Update Form” every 6 months. This helps us as practitioners keep up to date with what your child is doing at home as your children are constantly changing.

7. We provide parents with Home Learning every 8 weeks based around the child’s next steps and interests.

8. Newsletters are also sent out on a monthly basis.

9. Keyworker system- this ensures that each child has their own keyworker who is responsible for completing observations and assessments on their group of children- any information about the child can also be shared directly between the parent/carer and their child’s keyworker. It also helps the child to know they have their own particular member of staff to help and reassure them if need be.

Parents/carers are requested to keep us informed of any changes in personal details. These may include change of address, telephone number, doctor, emergency contact.

Parents/carers are also requested to keep us informed of any circumstances which could have an effect on the child’s emotional wellbeing, e.g. bereavement, separation or illness in the family.

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